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We have an advisor who sits on our panel from West Midlands Police and we work closely with all the neighbourhood policing teams in Sandwell.


We attend 30+ events each year engaging with thousands of people, these events range from large borough wide shows down to local allotment open days.

The Panel has been in existence since 1974 when West Midlands Police force was formed. Although at the time Sandwell had three panels covering the borough, this reduced to two (North and South) until they merged in the mid nineties to form the charity we have today.




(Pictured left two of our volunteers with local councillors at an awareness afternoon in Wednesbury) 

  (Set up and ready for the crowds at the annual St. Georges day event)

One of our many and varied roles is multi agency events pictured above a multi agency community safety afternoon in Pine Avenue Wednesbury.

We also attend a number of events that bring organisations together under one roof, pictured above the 2018 Celebrate Sandwell event in West Bromwich Town Hall.

Dartmouth Park Spring Fayre 


2018 blessed us with some great weather for outdoor events pictured above our logistics officer at the Sandwell armed forces day show.

Friar Park lights.jpg

It was a great pity that in 2018 many of the Christmas light events around Sandwell clashed, therefore we had to miss some of the events. But we had a great time at those we attended (Pictured above Friar Park Christmas event)

The weather doesn't always play ball but we carry

on regardless, pictured above Tipton Canal and

Community festival 2018.

wbury lights.jpg

It looks like the crime prevention panel enlisted the help of a few elves for the Wednesbury Christmas event

2019 proved to be another busy year with our emphasis being on building partnerships with other organisations.

We had the pleasure of being invited to spend the morning at the South Staffs water hub in Union Street Wednesbury on Saturday 22nd June.

We had a good morning working alongside the hub staff, If your in Wednesbury why not pop in the hub and see what's going on.

or visit their web page click on the link below.

 2019 Another busy year for us

Carol and Rosemary SSWHUB.jpg
Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 17.42.47.png
Volunteers week safety afternoon West Br

Building on our partnership working we attend a community safety awareness afternoon in St. Michael Street, West Bromwich during June the initiative was masterminded by Staff from West Midlands Police and partner organisations attended along with ourselves members of Junior Street watch and West Bromwich BID ambassadors joined in the afternoon.

(Three of our volunteers pictured with Chief Superintendent Rich Youds, Local neighbourhood Sgt and community partnerships engagement officer all based at West Bromwich Police station)

(Click on the arrows to the left and right of the photographs below to move the selection along, click on an image for details of the photo)

A Selection of photographs from other events we  attended

 during 2019

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